Our Green Policy

At the Nano Nagle Centre sustainability and care of the earth form a major part of the ethos of our business.  In support of this effort the 32 acres of land at Ballygriffin have been farmed and are certified organic since 1999.Most of the produce from the farm is used at the Centre, the surplus is sold at the Killavullen Farmers’ Market which is held on the Centre’s grounds.

  • Open days and courses in sustainable living are offered on an on-going basis to support and encourage all to engage in this way of life. The Centre uses geothermal heating, solar panels, passive solar heating and a wood pellet boiler. Insulation and damp proofing are of the highest environmental standards. Argon gas is used in the double-glazed windows.The Centre uses environmental Earthborn paints. A heat recovery system is in operation. A functioning reed-bed system is in operation to cater for the treatment of water. Only environmentally friendly cleaning products are used. Low energy bulbs are in place in all light sockets.
  • Bathroom waste is disposed of using degradable bags.All other waste is recycled through composting, use of wormery and mulching
  • The Centre supports ethical and fair trade practices and purchase accordingly where at all possible.

 The Centre request all visitors who stay to:

  1. Use the special bins provided for glass bottles, cans, plastic and paper, and kitchen waste.
  2. Leave hazardous waste such as used batteries and empty gas canisters in special bin provided for safe disposal.
  3. Never leave taps running.
  4. Reduce their carbon footprint by buying locally at Killavullen Farmers’ Market
  5. Enhance the beauty of the Blackwater Valley by leaving no trace…


Although the Centre currently has no recognized Eco label the commitment to the environment and sustainability remains our key focus for the branding and future growth of the business.