Coming to Nano Nagle Birthplace from Cork City/Mallow:

Road  Distance  Directions in Miles:

N20   0     Start out on Merchant’s Quay

0.08  At Junction 24, traffic signals continue forward onto Merchant’s Quay – N20 (signposted Limerick)

0.23  At Junction 23, traffic signals turn right onto Merchant’s Quay – N20 (signposted Limerick)

0.26  Christy Ring Bridge (River Lee)

0.29  At traffic signals continue forward onto Carroll’s Quay – N20 (signposted Limerick)

R635 1.61 At traffic signals turn left onto Commons Road – N20 (signposted Limerick)

N20   1.63 Continue forward onto Commons Road – N20

24.2  Blackwater Valley

31.58  Continue forward onto the N20 Entering Mallow

N72  33.32 At roundabout take the 3rd exit onto West End – N72 (signposted Waterford)

33.71  Continue forward onto West End

33.92  Continue forward onto Davis Street

33.98  Continue forward onto Bank Place

34.19  Continue forward onto Main Street, Mallow        Start here if coming from Mallow

N72   34.43 At mini-roundabout turn left onto Spa Square – N72

40.00  Follow this rd. bearing right following sign for Fermoy

46.00  The road ascends up a hill, on the right is a sign for Blackwater Floral Accessories

46.30  Look at for a sand coloured stone wall with a large wooden sign at the gate for Nano Nagle Centre

46.58  Turn right at sign through gates, follow rd. around corner where you will enter car park.


Directions to Nano Nagle Birthplace if coming from Dublin/Fermoy:

N7       0 Start out on Naas Road

M7        9.67 At Junction 9 continue forward onto the M7 motorway (signposted Limerick)
68.59 At Junction 18 continue forward onto the M7 toll motorway (signposted Limerick)

72.52 Portlaoise Main Toll Plaza

M8        84.18 Leave the M7 at junction 19, then join the M8 toll motorway (signposted Cork)

R639  194.93 Leave the M8 at junction 14, then at roundabout take the 3rd exit, then at roundabout take the 1st exit onto the R639 (signposted Fermoy)

197.22 Continue forward onto Dublin Road – R639 Entering Fermoy

N72    198.29 Turn right onto the N72      Start here if coming from Fermoy, head north towards Dublin, then take a LEFT turn at statues at
church, taking N72  signposted Killarney

206.56 Continue forward onto Gleas Na Mbreac – N72 Entering Ballyhooly

207.13 Bear left onto the N72 (signposted Killarney)

213.08 Continue forward onto Bridge Street – N72 Entering Castletownroche

213.22 Cross River Awbeg

220      Continue on N72 until you see a petrol station on left called ‘Shanahan Car Sales’

222      Then look out for a sandy coloured stone wall with large wooden sign for ‘Nano Nagle Centre’. Take a left through gates at sign
following rd.  around to the right and into the car park.