Special days of Inspiration, Wisdom and Reflection

July 12th – 16th 2018 Save the Date  

Special days of Inspiration, Wisdom and Reflection

Celebrate the 300th birthday of Nano Nagle with us in her birthplace from July 12th to 16th 2018.

Topics to include  Spirituality for Today, Nano’s Legacy, Leadership Today, Prophetic Women and much more.

You may like to do just one day with a particular speaker or choose to do the full workshop as your retreat for Nano’s Tercentenary.

Thurs 12 – 16 July: Celebrate the 300th birthday of Nano Nagle in her birthplace from July 12th to 16th 2018.  These special days of Inspiration, Wisdom and Reflection will focus on the legacy of Nano present and future. You may like to do just one day with a particular speaker or choose to do the full workshop as your retreat for Nano’s Tercentenary. Residential €500; Non-residential €320; Day only €65; 10 am – 4.30 pm; Registration 9.30 am; Booking Essential

12 July Sharon Zayac OP Evolutionary Awareness: An Emerging Worldview 

We are in the midst of a cosmic shift in understanding who we are as persons, as people of faith, and as a human species. What is this newly emerging consciousness? What does it teach us about who we are, how we are related to the whole, and how we image Holy Mystery? Using The Cosmic Story as our context, we find inspiration and hope as we explore and reflect upon its deeper meaning. For reflection and discovery, this session will have personal contemplative time. 

Speaker: Sr. Sharon Zayac – a Dominican Sister in Springfield, Illinois – is Director of Jubilee Farm, her congregation’s 164-acre centre for ecology and spirituality located near Springfield, Illinois.  A writer and lecturer, she speaks on many ecological topics, but her passion is sharing the Universe Story and its implications for life and faith.  Her book – Earth Spirituality: In the Catholic and Dominican Traditions – focuses on evolutionary consciousness as an emerging worldview.

13 July Anne O Leary PBVM & Mary O Brien PBVM   Nano Nagle – A Woman in Love with God’    

‘Fall in love, stay in love … and that will decide everything’ Pedro Arrupe SJ

Drawing on Scripture, tradition and the use of our sacramental imagination, this day is about reflecting on the life and legacy of Nano Nagle as one great love story. Let us meet Nano, the young spirited girl, and invite her to tell us about the secret of blossoming as a Nagle child in the beautiful surroundings of her native Ballygriffin; and how an education at home and in France formed her. Let us talk with Nano, the young woman already introduced to society, about falling in love with God and with His people. Let us sit in the company of Nano, the Wisdom Figure, and invite her to tell of the essence of a life of ‘love poured out’ for the sake of others and the whole community of life.  This day is an invitation to become more ‘at home with Nano’.


Sr. Mary T. O’Brien PBVM, is a native of West Cork and a member of the South West Province of Presentation Sisters, Ireland. She is a published author and has wide experience in lecturing in the area of Scripture, facilitating Scripture-based retreats and workshops in Ireland and internationally. She also worked as Communications Officer for the Irish Bishops’ Conference.

Sr. Anne O’Leary PBVM, is a native of West Cork is a member of the Congregational Leadership Team of the Presentation Sisters. She is a published author and has wide experience in lecturing in the areas of education, theology and Scripture; and in facilitating retreats and Ignatian Communal Discernment with groups in Ireland and internationally.

14 July  Bernadette Flanagan PBVM  Women and Leadership (to include Nano)

There is a long lineage of contemplatively-oriented women spiritual leaders: Bridgit of Kildare, Hilda of Whitby, Hildegard of Bingen, Clare of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, Nano Nagle of Ballygriffin and many others. There is a treasure trove of stories detailing women’s leadership that transformed the communities they lived in, challenged the status quo, influenced the politics of their times and reformed their communities. In this session, we will reflect on how the witness of women spiritual leaders can continue to be a source of inspiration for one’s own leadership.

Speaker: Sr. Bernadette Flanagan PBVM, is Chair of SpIRE, an Associate Professor in Spirituality, and led the development of MA and doctoral studies in spirituality in Ireland. She has consulted to a wide range of organisations in Ireland and overseas on dimensions of spiritual education, spiritual care and spiritual practice in such fields as healthcare, education, relational wellbeing, aging; addiction and leadership.  Author of a number of books, she is currently working on a Handbook of Spirituality in Society and the Professions. She is the first Irish President of the global Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality.

15 July Grainne Doherty Prophetic Women (from scripture and beyond, incl. Nano)

Through a mixture of input, reflection time and discussion, this session will open up the often hidden and unknown or forgotten prophetic voice and presence of some women in Scripture and in the wider society and explore their enduring relevance for life today.

Speaker: Gráinne Doherty – works freelance in pastoral ministry and facilitation while completing her doctoral studies in theology. She lectured in theology in All Hallows College for many years while also working in pastoral leadership at both parish and diocesan level. Her recent book – Joy of Love: A Family Perspective – is a collection of spiritual reflections and prayers which situate the writings of Pope Francis in the reality of family experience today.

16 July Diarmuid O Murchu MSC The New Consciousness from a faith and feminist perspective

This day of dialogue and reflection will review the changing consciousness of our time and the big shifts involved in how we understand and appropriate our faith today. When we are confronted by evidence that the faith in which we were brought up no longer provides an adequate explanation for the nature, meaning and purpose of our lives, what choices do we have? This inspirational session will help you find some answers.

Speaker: Fr. Diarmuid O Murchu – a Missionary of the Sacred Heart – is a social psychologist most of whose working life has been in social ministry, mainly in London. He has worked as a couple’s counsellor, in bereavement work, HIV/AIDS counselling, and with homeless people and refugees. As a workshop leader and group facilitator he has worked in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and in several African countries, facilitating programmes on Adult Faith Development. He is the author of several books.

Don’t miss out on being part of this exciting journey in the beautiful setting of Nano’s birthplace.