The breath-taking scenery surrounding the centre provides the perfect backdrop to spend time away in contemplation with God and nature. The centre runs retreats in a wide variety of areas including spiritual, mindfulness and yoga retreats. The centre also runs tailored made school retreats.


SCHOOL RETREATS - Modules for School retreats can include:

Icebreaker – a walk around the grounds, emphasizing the links and interconnections between different life forms

  • Exploring our relationship with God – this includes prayer and meditation
  • Relationship with oneself & others – stressing respect and interdependence
  • Justice or right relationships with the environment/universe – again stressing respect, care and gratitude
  • Concluding Ritual or Mass

General Spiritual Direction:

  • Reflection Days
  • Spiritual Direction/Counseling
  • On-going Eco-Spirituality Programs - see our Course Calendar

For further information on Spiritual Programmes, please contact us on: 022 26411 or email us at:

secretary AT nanonaglebirthplace DOT ie