Qigong Meditation Mindfulness with Mark Van Dam 27th Jan

Self-Healing Exercises & Meditation For Body And Soul

Beginners and improvers – Sunday 27 January 2019 – Nano Nagle Birthplace

Improving Qi and Blood circulation in the Kidneys 

Course begins at 10.30 am sharp. Finishes at 4 pm. Please bring lunch to share.

Cost: €85 pre-booked before 9-1-19 with a non-refundable deposit.

For safe & easy electronic transfers/online banking ask me for my IBAN details.

Cheques to Mark van Dam, Kilkern, Castlefreke, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, P85 Y208

 www.markvandam.com         Tel. 02388-57370         Mob. 086-1591881

Energise and Prepare your body-mind for Spring with Shaolin Qigong and Daoist Meditation.

The simple and easy way to learn Tai Chi and Qigong Exercises, mix the benefits of meditation with healthy exercise.

Mark van Dam has been teaching since ’96 and moved to Co. Cork in 1999. Through personal experience, he found a strong balance between Chinese Meditation, Tai Chi exercise and general health exercises that benefit us, as well as promote immediate results, without diluting or taking anything away from these ancient health disciplines.

The movements, breathing and meditation exercises facilitated in the January 2019 course, when practised daily, will change your life. We will work on:

·       Breath-work, posture and relaxing body & mind.

·       Medical Qigong as well as several Buddhist and “modern” Tai Chi Qigong Exercises improving Qi circulation in the Kidneys and Kidney acu-meridian during this course.

·       Mindfulness techniques to aid in meditation. e.g. Anchoring. This means bringing gentle attention to a chosen object, and if attention wanders away, gently bringing it back to the object despite other mental activity.

·       Daoist Healing Sounds Meditations for the Kidneys.

·       Food stimulating winter season health.·       Power naps.

It’s all about showing you what to do to self-heal while doing some exercise. Included is a password to access Mark’s site with on-line resources & support. It has videos, instructions as well as various Guided Meditations with specific goals in mind, for stress-relief, better sleep, relaxing the body, and meditations stimulating and increasing the functions of our organs e.g. kidneys.Doors open at 10 am for registration and tea/ coffee (provided).