Nano Nagle cared deeply for the dignity of all people. In a world where the sense of belonging is fragile and fragmented, where affluence and poverty contribute to the erosion of human values, global division and the depletion of earth’s resources, the centre offers an opportunity to young and old to experience the wholeness and interconnectedness of life.

This is done by providing:

  • A place of peace, tranquility and prayer where people can find respite from the stresses of life and healing at the deeper levels of their being.
  • Opportunities to reflect on and study the heritage of Nano Nagle and to be challenged by her vision.
  • An experience on our organic farm of the interdependence and communion of all life.
  • Offer educational programmes to school students specially the primary and transition years.
  • An invitation to reflect on how each person can discover and assume more ‘responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life and to future generations’ ( Earth Chapter ).
  • An opportunity to discover new depth and meaning in one’s personal story by enlivening it with the stories of the Universe, of Jesus and Nano Nagle.

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