Daily Posting from Fr Jim Cogley 20/03/20

Have Faith and be Strong 20/3/20

Jesus said, ‘If you had faith as large as a mustard seed you would speak to the mountain and it would be cast into the sea.’ Such is the positivity and power of Faith. He is figuratively speaking, not about physical mountains but rather about the mountains and obstacles we encounter each day, even as we journey through this current crisis.

So what is faith? Is it simply belief in God or an intellectual signing up to a set of beliefs like the Creed? Surely it is more like a fundamental attitude to life at every level. When we get up in the morning before we ever adjust our hair, if we happen to have any, the first thing we need to adjust is our attitude. Whether to approach the day with Faith, or its opposite, Fear.

Whether we be an atheist or a believer, we are always operating from either of those two principles, Faith or Fear and creating our life accordingly. To a very large extent we are not just victims of life’s circumstances and we are responsible for creating our happiness or unhappiness. Yes there are horrible things happening that are outside our control, but it is still up to us to decide how we want to respond. There are those who have their feathers ruffled and never fly for the rest of their lives. Others have their wings broken and yet learn to fly again. That’s faith.

A useful acronym for understanding FAITH is Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him. As we said yesterday one for FEAR could be – Fantasy Experienced As Real.

 What’s the difference between the two?

  • Faith expands our world, fear constricts it.
  • Faith sees a positive outcome, fear sees the worst scenario.
  • Faith places us above our circumstances, fear puts us below them.
  • Faith risks the game of life, fear plays it safe.
  • Faith extends the comfort zone, fear reduces it.
  • Faith makes mistakes, fear makes excuses.
  • Faith allows us to walk on water, fear makes us sink.
  • Faith sees divine order, fear sees chaos.
  • Faith conquers, fear falters.
  • Faith creates that which is believed, fear does likewise.

We create our world either by fear or faith, so believing in God is one thing, while exercising Faith is quite another.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

Walking through the dark valley,

I fear no evil.

For he is with me